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“I began seeing Amy in January of 2006. I had decided to try acupuncture after several years of trying to conceive with no success. That winter the struggle with infertility treatments had gotten to me and my mental and physical state was not good.

On my first visit with Amy, we discussed my overall mental and physical health and made a plan of action. We would not deal with trying to get pregnant right away, but try to get my body balanced and healthy.

Over the next couple of months, I saw Amy on a weekly basis and I started to feel a difference. My anxiety started to diminish and I started feeling like myself again. I even lost a few pounds!! In January of 2007 I resumed infertility treatments and I successfully conceived through InVitro. My husband and I welcomed our son in October of 2007.

I contribute part of my success with InVitro to Amy. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Amy to any woman who is undergoing infertility treatments. Her warmth, candor and professionalism are remarkable.”



“I have been receiving treatments from Amy for 7 months now. I hoped that acupuncture would help with my fertility issues, and it has! I am now 16 weeks pregnant. Amy has also helped me with digestive problems and other chronic issues along the way. Sessions with Amy involve more than just acupuncture. When the needles are placed, I get to relax and listen to Enya as Amy performs Reiki and massage, and sometimes instructs me in meditation or guided imagery. Amy is also very knowledgeable about nutritional healing, and often suggests particular foods that will support the treatment goal. It is truly a total mind & body healing experience!”



"I sought acupuncture treatment in conjunction with fertility treatments. I had suffered previous miscarriages and wanted the best chance possible at a successful pregnancy. I did become pregnant and continued to see Amy for acupuncture treatments throughout my pregnancy. The acupuncture, combined with Reiki, left me feeling calm and peaceful, able to envision the lives growing inside me. When I suffered migraine headaches near the end of my first trimester, acupuncture was especially helpful in relieving them without medication that would have been harmful to my babies. Yes, I now have beautiful, healthy twin daughters! I am a firm believer in Amy's skill as an experienced acupuncturist and would recommend her highly to anyone, especially women with infertility or those going through fertility treatments."

H.B.Z., Hull


"I had been going through IVF treatments for about a year and nothing was working. I couldn't just sit back and do nothing. That is when I looked into Acupuncture. I met with Amy and instantly took to her. She was very warm and extremely easy to talk to. While I was seeing Amy, I went through two IVF cycles. With both of them, I noticed the side effects of my medications went down a lot. Alot of the bloating went away which was always difficult to deal with. I also took Juice Plus which I believe helped my body a lot. She also helped me with all the stress and anxiety that came along with all my medical procedures. Amy did alot to help me and I really do believe she helped me achieve a successful pregnancy during my second IVF cycle with her. I truly believe the acupuncture, along with the Juice Plus, helped my body get to where it needed to be to achieve pregnancy. I took JP during my entire pregnancy and never go sick with a cold once. Amy always had my best interests at heart and I could see that. I would recommend any woman with infertility issues go seek her help. I can't thank Amy enough for her help in bringing our little miracle into this world."

S.W., Taunton

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