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Back Pain

"I am a current patient of Amy Galvin for acupuncture care. I travel full time around the country. I have, in the past, visited other professionals that provide acupuncture care. However, I have not visited any other practitioner who has been as careful, professional and thorough is Amy. The results have been awesome. My chronic back pain is significantly reduced after treatments. I hope that if you are looking for sincere and satisfactory service that you will visit Amy."

D.S. Syracuse, UT
Registered Nurse

Back Pain

"I was at work when there was an unexpected explosion in May of 2007, I was unharmed but I did help a fellow employee by dragging him to safety and during this, severely injured my back. I herniated a disc on top of the existing disc degeneration from a previous fracture. I saw numerous doctors and had all types of treatments but after 5 months I was still unable to perform fully at work and had on and off severe pain that was debilitating. The last thing I wanted was a desk job and have to live with this pain! The utilization nurse I dealt with recommended Amy Galvin to me and I went for my first treatment on October 18th 2007. In less than one month I was nearly pain free and able to return to work fully. I have already recommended Amy to my friends and family. I’m am truly grateful for her care and attention to my health and freeing me from my back pain and allowing me the freedom to do my job!"


Back Pain

"I was recently diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy in my legs and feet and given a prescription for physical therapy. I was also given a prescription for pain medication but preferred to have acupuncture as an alternative pain treatment. After the first treatment with Amy, I was able to lift all my toes on the left foot, something I hadn’t been able to do for the past couple of months…I was so excited! As I strained the right side of my body trying to walk properly and pulling myself up stairs with the handrail, I had pain in my right shoulder and right hip…Amy treated those areas on my 2nd visit and the pain has not returned. On my 3rd visit, Amy treated my sacrum and later that day I was able to walk (with walking sticks for 25 minutes) with no balance issues. It wasn’t until the next day that I was informed by my physician of a bulging disc in the lumber 3 & 4 regions…right above the sacrum! When I went to physical therapy the next morning, they could not believe how well I was walking. I would highly recommend Amy. She is 100% committed to your health and well being. "

J. A.

Back Pain

"I heard about Amy through a nail technician. When I first saw Amy I appeared with ice packs strapped to my low back and tears running down my face. Amy saw me over the course of 6 months. She asked many questions and I learned that not only could she help me with my Low Back Pain but my Acid Reflux, Asthma and very painful periods too. Wow what a thrill… it’s like one stop shopping! Even though the back pain went away after about 9 weeks, Amy insisted that I stay the course to ensure the a better chance of staying this way. It’s been over a year and I’m still pain free, have very little to no acid reflux and don’t have painful periods anymore."


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