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How can we live and breathe in New England and not suffer from some degree of stress? It is rare but I do come across an occasional patient that has little to no stress in their lives and I’m always amazed. But this is rare. There are two ways of looking at stress, the stress coming at us in our world and our ability to handle and process that stress in our lives.

For instance, an emergency room doctor, glides through his work moving from one trauma to the next clearly unaffected by the high levels of stress coming at him. Then he drives home and is calm and able to make dinner for his family listening fully to them share about their days, being fully in the moment. The stresses of work stay at work and never throw him or become buried inside of him. He would be an example of someone who does have stress but is unaffected by it.

Then there is the example of the retired man who lives well within his retirement but worries about everything, and allows everything to be a huge issue, even when if you were to take things apart, all is pretty much right where it is supposed to be. This would be someone who has little stress in their life but allows the small amounts of stress to consume him.

In short, we all have a lot going on and there is usually a high demand to get it all done. We juggle: family, work, school, extended families, money, and health concerns to name a few. When someone says, “You should make some cut backs in your life and lower your stress….” you wonder, “What could I possibly let go of, to make my life less stressed when everything seems important!”

This is where acupuncture can help. What if I was able to help you handle your stress by being less affected by it in the first place? Wouldn’t that be a great place to start? All of my treatments incorporate some form of stress reduction. The patient who comes in for infertility, or digestive disorders, the one thing in common that almost everyone I treat mentions, is how much better they feel. They feel relaxed, better able to handle the stresses in their lives and more grounded. Stress today is the leading cause of many autoimmune diseases, hypertension, digestive issues and “unexplained” conditions western medicine has a very difficult time in treating. Over the years of practice, I am always amazed at how much better people are able to handle stresses in their lives by incorporating acupuncture into their health and wellness plan.

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